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Sacramento Rental Management and the Holidays


Thankfully, those providing Sacramento rental management services don't have to worry about a lot of the problems property managers in other areas of the county have to worry about over the holidays, but there are still a few things need to be done. Why? The holiday season is a fun season for most people, but it can be stressful for any Sacramento rental property management professional as things get a little crazy. The following tips should help with this.


  1. Prepare a Safety Checklist for Tenants. One thing that a lot of Sacramento apartment management companies do right before the holidays is mail (or email) their renters a holiday safety checklist. The checklist should include things like checking the smoke alarms, checking all the locks on the house (doors and windows), putting a few indoor lights on timers so there are lights on when tenants are out, etc. The holiday season is one of the most opportune times for robbers and they watch for homes that are easy to break into. Therefore, it's important that you remind your tenants of this and give them a list of safety precautions.

  2. Offer to Watch Property When Tenants are Gone. A lot of managers providing Sacramento apartment property management will also let their tenants know that they will keep an eye out for suspicious activity around their rental when they are out of town, if they will just tell them they are leaving. You can also suggest that tenants living in condos, apartments or other multi-family units notify a neighbor that they trust before they leave if they don't want to tell their Sacramento apartment property management team.

  3. Have Mail and Newspaper Delivery Stopped. Another tip that Sacramento rental property management companies should mention to tenants is to have their mail and newspaper delivery services stopped while they are out of town. The post office will hold mail for a specified period of time when the proper forms are submitted and the newspaper will also stopped delivering for a specified time when given proper notice. This protects tenants from announcing to robbers that they are out of town due to a stack of newspapers in the drive and uncollected mail in the mail box.


While property managers providing Sacramento apartment management, or any management services for that matter, can't prevent a tenant's property from getting robbed over the holidays, the tips above will help reduce the chances of it happening.