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More Safety Tips for Your Sacramento Property Manager


It's important to take your safety seriously as well as the safety of your Sacramento property manager as you would most likely feel terrible if they were to get hurt while caring for one of your properties. That is the reason for this additional article regarding safety tips for Sacramento property managers. Companies that staff a large number of management professionals spend a lot of time and money educating them about safe practices because they realize the importance of it and you should to. Below are some additional safety tips that you may want to incorporate into your management program.


  1. Require More Than One Form of Identification. You and your Sacramento property managers may not realize just how important it is to require applicants to provide you with more than one form of identification. However, it is very important. You should ask for at least three forms of identification such as a Driver's License, Passport, Utility Bills, etc. Why? This gives you several forms of identification to cross-reference to make sure that they applicant is indeed who he says he is because all of the information for each of these should match up.

  2. Study Drug Warning Signs. Believe it or not, there are many Sacramento property managers' companies out there who lease to tenants who are part of a drug ring and don't even know it. However, you don't have to be this way. If you continue to study the signs of drug production sites and the behavior of drug dealers, then you will be able to better protect yourself and your (or your client's) rental properties.

  3. Stay Calm. Dealing with tenants in a calm manner can be a very difficult thing to do for Sacramento property managers. Company employees often have to deal with irate tenants who refuse to listen to anything they have to say, which can easily cause these professionals to lose their tempers too. However, losing your temper with a tenant will not solve the problem and will most likely cause it to escalate which can put you in a dangerous situation. Therefore, always try to stay calm when dealing directly with tenants...or clients for that matter.

  4. Put Your Phone to Work. Most people know the importance cell phones, especially Sacramento property managers. Companies providing management services often require employees to have a cell phone so they can be reached at any time. Now, while you have all of your contacts' information saved, do you utilize all of your speed dial buttons? Put emergency contact numbers on some of your speed dial buttons and use others for the people you contact on a regular basis. The speed dial function can honestly be a life saver for Sacramento property managers. Company employees really should take advantage of the speed dial function in case they do find themselves in a dangerous situation.