Bruce Mills
Owner, Broker, Realtor
BRE: 00546481
Work: 916-923-6181 Ext. 110
Fax: 916-923-1629
Email: [email protected]
About Bruce Mills:

From 1979 to the present Bruce Mills Realtor Inc. has been the Broker/Owner of M&M Property Services and Management, managing single-family home and small multiple units.  Our sister company Associated Management Concepts (AMC), which manages both HOAs and PUDs.  The two combined would total nearly 10,000 residential units, the real estate value of which totals over a billion dollars.

We have a staff of 25 licensed managers plus 15 support staff, which is projected to grow to 50 managers by 2018 combined between M&M Property Management and AMC.

Many of the unique aspects about M&M Property Management compared with other management companies are:

  1. Independent real estate agents on commission only (no salary). A determination for each manager to see that the job gets done.
  2. Managers who manage 100 houses earn 5k-7k a month, the highest paid in our niche of the single-family property management business. A number of other management companies have come to me on advice to create the same business model (which I freely give).
  3. Each manager is the single Point of Contact (POC) for all owner, tenant, vendor, property showings, turn-overs, etc., which gives them complete control of their Accounts.
  4. We also control when the rent is paid, not the tenant!  We activate the payment of rent on a pre-determined day (5th of each month, which is not a grace period) State of California enacted legislation for 2013 we cannot for tenants to use ACH. The other options are money orders &/cashier’s check, that are due on the first. Most chose the ACH. I believe we are the only company that does it this way. Others let the tenants use ACH when they decide to pay.

Starting from 1976 to 1979, I received my real estate license and joined American Savings and Loan as a loan agent paid by commission only. American Savings had a great business model that allowed me to become one of their top agents in California – closing between 30-50 loans a month. Over the 4 years I managed the funding of 1,600 to 2,000 loans. Today, I am still accused by my competitors of being responsible for the 2005 real estate bubble (laugh). At the end of 1979 interest rates over 17% and American Savings had no money to loan  I started M&M Property Management in my living room to create residual income which I learned while with AAA of Northern California, selling auto and home insurance as one of their a sales agents.

1971 to 1975 – As a sales agent for AAA, I was in the top 10%.  During that time, I was learning about the residual real estate business, and at the end of 1975, decided to obtain my real estate license.

1969 to 1971 – After graduating from Sacramento State College with a degree in Anthropology/Archaeology (I was not the academic type – C student) I was hired on by K-Mart to learn the retail business and become a store manager. After 2 years of learning about the retailing business, I decided to go into the insurance sales.

Community and Other Activities

We give a FREE monthly class about property management to the general public in our office.  I personally offer my insight on over 37 years in the business.  I usually starts by indicating that “though I considers himself an expert in the business, I don’t claim to be perfect…”  This class is just one of the many public services that I provides back to the community.

The “LANDLORDS NEWS Letter” is our publication that we mail out 3 times a year.  We mail this to more than 20,000 (and growing) local addresses and use it in our promotional material.


“Bruce, I am a member of the Board of Directors for Stanford Youth Solutions.  I wanted to thank you for making us the beneficiary of your Golf Tournament.  It is greatly appreciated. ”  – Shelley

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