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As part of the excellent service we provide, we want you to have options.  You can choose:


Our goal is to maximize your return on your investment.

Our company has been in business since 1979, 40 years! Our experience enables us to make recommendations to you, which helps assure that your property continues to grow in value.


Our expertise will help you net cash flow.

Our experience and expertise will help to avoid costly errors and our excellent service will help to minimize the cost of any problems that could not be avoided.

With our three choices of management options, you’ll be able to find the assistance you need to maximize your profit and save yourself time and energy.  We can help you with filling your rental homes, managing the property with highly skilled property managers, or both!

Our strong experience with leasing management will ensure you have potential tenants viewing your property on a regular basis.  We also screen all potential tenants with a background check to make sure you have the best possible opportunity for a strong return on your investment.  Let the experience of M&M Property Services and Management help make you money while taking away the burden of managing the leasing yourself.  We continue to work hard to be the best property management company in the Greater Sacramento Area.  With our leasing management and property management experience, we are able to efficiently fill your rental homes and keep them looking their best.


Need help procuring a tenant?

Ask about our “Lease Only*” Service.

Lease only means that we will:

  • Advertise the property for rent
  • Take calls from prospective tenants
  • Show the property by appointment
  • Accept applications from prospects
  • Prepare the lease documents and addendums
  • Perform the Move-In inspection with your new tenant
  • Provide Move-in photos
  • Collect the security deposit and 1st month’s rent.
  • Forward the lease, move-in inspection, and security deposit to you.
* Note with Lease Only service, you would pay for any direct advertising costs that relate specifically to your property.

Already have a tenant?

Ask about our Manage Only option!

Manage Only means that you will take care of all of the “Lease Only” tasks, or the property is already rented, and you want us to start collecting the rent, coordinating repairs, and all of the other tasks associated with managing the tenancy. We will not be paid a procurement feel. We will just collect our management fee based on the amount of income we collect from you.

Looking for full service Leasing and Management?

Service Include:
  • Advertising on more than 20 rental websites
  • Showings 6 days a week by appointment
  • Rental Agreement Execution and Enforcement
  • Rent and Security Deposit Collection
  • Maintenance & Rent Ready Repairs
  • Financial Record-Keeping and Bill Paying (contractors are 1099 at end of year)
  • Move-in and Move-out Reports
  • Professional For Lease Signage
  • Tenant Screening
  • HOA Rules and Regulation Enforcement
  • Landlord/Tenant Interaction
  • Maintenance Supervision
  • City/County of Sacramento Annual required Inspections on each property
  • Legal Updates

What are you waiting for?

Please contact us today at



and ask for an agent that is nearest to your investment property.

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What People are Saying About Us

My family and I are entering our third year using M&M properties to manage our rental properties here in Rancho Cordova and we could not be happier with their services! Our agent, Teri Chikami, is wonderful! She does a great job of being a fair and neutral advocate for our tenants all while protecting our interests as property owners. Teri advertises our properties to potential renters, handles all of the showings and only brings us qualified applicants. She handles all of the rental agreements, credit checks, deposit and rent collections, property maintenance and cleaning from move in to move out. Before tenants move in she conducts a pre-move in inspection to document the condition of every detail of the home, and does the same when the tenant moves out (including photo documentation) She is fastidious about maintaining detailed records of everything which makes it very clear if a tenant is entitled to all, partial or none of their deposit, per their contract. We used to manage our own rentals, but the ever changing laws in California, we decided it was best to hire a professional property management company, and we are so glad we did! The services that Teri and M&M Properties provide for us, make it easy and stress free to be rental properties owners in California. This new found freedom allows us to focus our energy and time managing our other businesses and interests, while trusting wholeheartedly that our investment properties are in good hands! Thank you Teri and M&M Properties for all that you do!


Sacramento, CA 05/08/2020

By far the best property management professional I have met yet. Darren Babby has consistently went above and beyond his job title working with me in many ways. Always available and willing to help solve problems that inevitably arise, he has become a great resource to turn to. I can’t say enough great things about Darren and the company that cares enough to employ people of such high character.


Carmichael, CA 05/18/2020

I rented a place just recently from M&M. Dealt with Darren the entire time and he was awesome! Renting a home from him was unbelievable easy. He responded every-time i had any questions and pushed to get things fixed around the house from the homeowner. I remember sending him a text 1 night around 9pm and 10 seconds later he called to help out. He was awesome and a really good



My property manager, Teri Chikami, is always very responsive when I have an issue at my home. I had a light go out yesterday and couldn’t buy a replacement bulb as the bulb was integral to the fixture. I reported this to Teri via email at 4:30 pm and got a call from an electrician within 15 minutes!

The next day the electrician came out and replaced the fixture. Every time I have made a request for an issue Teri is instantly on it and things get resolved promptly. I am very pleased with the response time to issues at my residence!


Sacramento, 3/24/2020

I am not usually a fan of property management companies but Jim Hall with M & M was very professional and responsive over the last 5 years as a tenant in one of his properties… Thanks Jim.


Long Beach, CA 1/9/2020

Very professional and responsive.

I have rented from several Property Management Companies and can honestly say, M&M is one of the best. Our property manager responded to all communication, made necessary repairs when needed, and did not gouge us on security deposit when we moved out. The home was in good condition upon our move in, the home was clean, paint looked good, no pre-existing conditions. M&M really cares about their tenants and our 3-year stay at this property was pleasant. If you’re looking to move, I would recommend contacting M&M Property Management.

Jonathan P.

Responsive and accommodating.

I rented my very first place with Wes at M&M. He always got back to me when I called about a concern. I had an ongoing plumbing issue (shower wouldn’t work, just the bath) that required a few different appointments and they were able to go in the condo while I was at work and make the repairs. Considering I was working full time it made things very easy for me. I always paid my rent on time and never had any problems. I would have never moved if it wasn’t because the owner decided he didn’t want to use the property as a rental anymore. I would recommend renting from these people.

Leslie C.

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