Sacramento having a population boom and a boom in restaurants…!!

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May 21, 2024

Sacramento Population Growth and Demographics

Here’s some information on Sacramento’s population growth and demographics, including charts and data sources:

Population Growth

  • World Population Review: Estimates Sacramento’s population at 530,334 in 2024, with a growth rate of 0.22% annually. It also shows growth since the 2020 census (525,668)


  • Macrotrends: Provides a chart showing Sacramento’s metro area population growth from 1950 to 2024. You can see a consistent increase over time, with a recent uptick of 1.26% in 2024 [Source: [macrotrends Sacramento population ON]]


  • Data USA: Offers data on Sacramento in 2021, including a population of 519,000. While this data might be slightly outdated, it provides a breakdown of race and ethnicity:
    • White (Non-Hispanic): 31.1%
    • Asian (Non-Hispanic): 18.7%
    • Black or African American (Non-Hispanic): 12.8%
    • Other (Hispanic): 11.9%
    • White (Hispanic): 9.76%
    • Median Age: 35.2 years [Source: [datausa sacramento demographics ON Data USA]]

Data Sources

These websites provide additional resources on Sacramento demographics:

**Note: While there seems to be steady growth in Sacramento’s population, it’s important to consider that some sources may have slightly different figures.

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